Outlook (Hotmail) Setup to Android Device

Hello friends;
You can set up a hotmail account on Android-based mobile phones, tablets and smart devices. You will need to download your Android Hotmail or Outlook application and install it. It’s not hard to set up a Hotmail account on my Android-powered devices!

We do not need a third party to do this, either.

We follow the following steps in order to set up our Hotmail account through the e-mail application built into the operating system:

First enter Playstore and download the app.
Download Hotmail / Outlook by clicking here.

We open our e-mail application and write our Hotmail account.

• Then we click on the Forward button and enter the password on the incoming page.

• When we enter the password, we should pay attention to the “Manual Installation” option.

• We are not advanced, we continue with the “Manual Setup” menu, and we use the Exchange ActiveSync option on the screen that appears.
By choosing our account type as Exchange ActiveSync, we will set our own setup settings.

• Important point on this screen is to arrange the server partition as outlook.com. After you have checked the username and password, we write m.outlook.com in the server section and activate the option Use secure connection (SSL) and Accept all SSL certificates.

• Next, we set the synchronization settings.

• And with the Complete setup option, we have successfully installed our email address on our Android device’s Email application.